Rathergood Children's Sale Pack!!

Rathergood Children's Sale Pack!!

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How it works:

In each pack there will be two children's t-shirts, the colours of which are picked at random. Each of the t-shirts will have a design on it from our range of Rathergood images. The fun part is that it’s a lucky dip! Therefore you won’t know which designs or which colours you will get! How EXCITING!

Just choose your size and let us do the rest!

Some items are taken from our excess stock and returns and so may have some minor imperfections.

Please note these sets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Size Guide:

Age 3-4 years - 22" - 25"
Age 5-6 years - 25" - 28"
Age 7-8 years - 28" - 30"
Age 9-10 years - 30" - 32"
Age 11-12 years - 32" - 34"

Measurements are in inches to fit the chest.